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The NEO range obtains environmental product declaration EPD, certification of international importance

Logo EPD certificazione ambientale di prodotto
Fresia Alluminio, an Italian company leader in the design and marketing of profiles for aluminium window systems, a member of the Alsistem consortium, has made sustainability a concrete fact, adopting its own environmental policy that includes compliance with the environmental parameters required by the main sustainability protocols, a quality installation and the life cycle analysis (LCA) of one of its leading products.
Since 2014 the NEO range has also obtained the environmental product declaration(EPD).

Fresia Alluminio is the first European company in the aluminium profiles sector to have obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), certification of international importance, issued by the Swedish Environmental Management Council, which quantifies the environmental performance of products by means of universally recognised sustainability parameters.

The EPD certification makes it possible to benchmark with different EPD, facilitating the comparison of the environmental performance of products in the same category.

The NEO range consists of 15 types of systems for sustainable windows:

The characteristic that makes the entire range innovative and sustainable is its composition. The entire series is in fact made with recycled aluminum.
Revision of the PCR consisting of: IVL Svedish Environmental Research Institute, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, SP Tra, Swedish Wood Preservation Institute, Swedisol, SCDA, Svanskt Limtra AB, SSAB

Independent verification of declaration and data, according to ISO 14025:2006 conducted by Ugo Pretato, Individual Verifier

Contract management for EPD validation: Bureau Veritas Italia SpA

Technical support: Environmental Park SpA