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The aluminum windows have the peculiarity of being able to be made in an infinite range of colors and finishes.

The "powder-on-powder" coating

The powder-on-powder coating, used for aluminum fixtures, complies with the technical guidelines of the quality mark Qualicoat and ensures a considerable durability and resistance to salt, atmospheric agents and pollutants.

With this technique, all the glossy and matt RAL colours, the marbled colours and the wood effect are realized.


Sublimation is, instead, a decoration that follows a more complex process: after a first phase of powder coating, a special sublimation ink film, previously printed, is applied.
After being subjected to a combination of heat and pressure, the film is removed and the aluminum will faithfully reproduce the desired effect.

Usually this process is used to recreate the wood effect, because the innovative surface treatment reproduces not only the aesthetic characteristics, the colors, the natural beauty and brightness of the wood, but also the particular effect to the touch of the wood veins.

The sublimation is also used to reproduce the metallic effect: cor-ten, oxidized, copper, ...
Very trendy finishes, very popular both in modern buildings and in the most refined renovations.

finiture superficiali per serramenti in alluminio
For graphic reasons, all colours have a purely indicative value.