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CassoMuro ThermoPosa is the first concealed box with high energy efficiency for redevelopment.

CassoMuro completely changes the concept of a refurbishment box not only from an aesthetic and performance point of view but also from a production one.
The Thermoposa Cassomuro is the first modular box by the window manufacturer
The aim was to create a box that could be easily produced by the window manufacturer without the need of specialized equipment. CassoMuro responds perfectly to these needs, allowing the window manufacturer to manage a single box, regardless of the type of window that will pose in the yard and reducing waiting times since with a few steps you can build it in your factory.
For the construction of the CassoMuro is necessary specialized  equipment, but normally used by the window manufacturer:
•    Manual pantograph for milling the plasterboard panel.
•    Fresa CassoMuro ACP 6270 for pantograph for the realization of the milling at 90°.
•    ACP 6271 cutting and milling kit consisting of:
a)    Aluminium template for cutting to size and for milling the plasterboard panel.
b)    Aluminium rail elements to be applied under the pantograph to slide into the template.
c)    Aluminium thickness for regulating the milling depth.


Air tightness

up to 88% reduction in draft

Sound insulation

the penetration of noise is halved

Energy saving

up to 15% of the cost of heating

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