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Software FP Pro di EmmeGi Soft
FP PRO is the software that includes the basic functions for each door and window company: window design, definition and calculation of orders, analytical estimation, purchase management, generation of work lists for the workshop, management of the CE marking. The use, very simple, is characterized by a completely graphic approach, with the real visualization of profiles, nodes, sections, 3D types. It can work over a network with shared archives on SQL databases.
The new ALsistem archives have been developed to use the innovative WIZARD system.
WIZARD is born with a precise objective: to facilitate and extend the ability in the planning windows, even to those who are technically less prepared.
The WIZARD application of FP PRO follows the user in the design, proposing only solutions compatible with the windows in the process, offering options related to aesthetics (smooth, rounded, increased leaves) without the user necessarily knowing the profile codes. The accessories are also automatically generated and filtered by the software, depending on your selected choices.

A considerable upgrade, for a software, until now, mainly intended for technical users.

ALsistem Archives for FP PRO

schermata del software FP pro

Complete ALsistem Archive (with wizard), January 2021

Please Note: to install the new archive you need to be updated to the latest version of Fp Pro from version 9.6.4
It is also recommended to always make a backup of the archive before installing the new one.

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