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The glass BALAUSTRE line is customized and safe, tested according to the strictest rules.
Transparency, essential and minimalist design, to define any architectural context, indoor and outdoor. Maximum formal cleanliness in the projects of new construction, renovation and restoration: are available with or without handrail, according to a customizable system.

The BALAUSTRE system, tested in certified laboratories, is composed of different elements (profile, fixing system, crankcase, laminated and tempered glasses) designed to ensure ease and rapidity of assembly and an ideal aesthetic for the contemporary architecture.

GARDA glass BALAUSTRE system is an ALUVETRO product

Balaustra in vetro e alluminio


It is in extruded aluminum, drilled at the base every 25 cm, prepared for different types of fixing
Balaustra in vetro e alluminio


Set of orientable and patented clamps for glass fixing and adjustment
Balaustra in vetro e alluminio


They are installed at the end of work, avoiding possible damage caused by installation operations and can be customized in later times even with different colors


There are numerous variations depending on the type of fixing and the design load on the structure.

All products of the GARDA glass BALAUSTRA system are tested in laboratories accredited to the Ministry of Public Works and have passed tests on dynamic and static loads up to 4.5 kN/m (thrust up to 300 kg/m).


Customize your project, with more or less covering materials to ensure privacy, choosing your favourite carter finish or a designer handrail.
Balaustra in vetro e alluminio


  • system tested in certified laboratories
  • safety: the surface prevents children from climbing
  • quick and easy assembly
  • excellent noise abatement
  • the profile allows the discharge of water
  • maintenance limited to cleaning only


  • maximum transparency for an excellent view
  • excellent brightness of rooms
  • customizations of the carter with finishes and colors
  • glass customizations with finishes, serigraphs and colors
  • possibility to insert strip led

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