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Fresia Alluminio, has always paid great attention to research and innovation, in order to guarantee its customers, always new solutions in compliance with the performance required by current regulations. The range of products meets every need and adapts to every architectural context.

All the windows are designed to combine excellent thermal-acoustic insulation performance with aesthetic pleasantness and technological innovation, all with the aim of increasing comfort and well-being in the home.

But how do you choose the right window to meet your needs?

First of all it is good to find out about the thermal performance that best suits the location where the new windows will be installed.

HOUSE IN THE CITY?  for a perfect living comfort, better orient the choice on a window with a good thermal transmittance and excellent sound insulation values.  
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HOUSE IN THE MOUNTAINS? low temperatures, especially during the winter season, require higher thermal performance.
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BEACH HOUSE? the mild climate allows you to orient yourself even on systems with lower performance.
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Only then it is good to focus on the less technical aspects, choosing the aesthetic details that best suit your style and personal taste.
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colori serramenti in alluminio

You can choose the COLOR from a wide range of finishes: RAL glossy and opaque, marbled, wood decorated, anodized, ...

The powder-on-powder coating, used for aluminum fixtures, complies with the technical guidelines of the quality mark Qualicoat and ensures a considerable durability and resistance to salt, atmospheric agents and pollutants.

You can choose the SIZE, that is a standard profile or a minimal size one.

The latest design trends orient designers to increasingly essential lines. To meet the market demands, Fresia Alluminio offers several series of window systems with reduced architectural show: 3G, Eco-slim 50TT, Eco-slim 62TT, Eco-slim 72TT and the Panoramico sliding system.
colori serramenti in alluminio
colori serramenti in alluminio

You can choose the STYLE: classic or modern.

Windows can have softer lines with rounded or straight and squared sections. This detail is very important as it defines the style of the window, and in this way it will integrate perfectly with the context in which it will be installed.

And after the purchase? Maintenance of aluminium windows is minimised

The physical characteristics of aluminium guarantee a product of high quality/price ratio over time, the management of which is limited to a few small devices:

  • periodic cleaning with water and neutral soap;

  • replacement or greasing of any hardened gaskets;

  • registration and greasing of hinges and locks.
manutenzione e pulizia dei serramenti in alluminio
14 May 2019